About us

Our business was created to service customers across Australia looking for quality, handmade, wooden sustainable and incredibly long lasting homewares and gifts.

Lone Dog Workshop is the result of many years of woodworking and metalworking shared with family and friends and now available to all.

A purpose built workshop based in the beautiful NSW Southern Highlands, benefiting from many years working in the hand and power tool industry gave many opportunities to ensure we always have the right tool for the job, an internal drive to be challenged and learn new techniques and build new and interesting items has meant we have slowly expanded my collection over the years and allowed us to learn new techniques for joinery, wood turning, welding and metal fabrication and now adding laser engraving, CNC routing and vinyl cutting to the list.

We love using recycled material as it tells a bigger story with sustainability. We started using pallet wood as it can be a great source of great hardwood if you know what to look for, old building materials to give a new life outside of a fireplace and utilising local vendors like Natural Edge Timbers in beautiful Balmoral NSW who has provided sustainably sourced local timber for products like the popular reindeer - a true story behind the product.

We love trying new ideas - we live for the challenge so if you have something specific  in mind, please click the Contact button and reach out for your custom commission!

Jeremy & Natalie Carter